Making A Will when pregnant

Making a Will When Pregnant


Embarking on the journey of bringing new life into the world sparks a flurry of responsibilities and considerations. Amidst this, making a will is often overlooked. Yet, making a will when pregnant is a critical step in securing your family’s future. Let’s delve into why it’s so crucial and how it offers peace of mind during this transformative period.

The Importance of Planning Ahead

Pregnancy brims with anticipation, yet also serves as a reminder of life’s uncertainties. Crafting a will enables you to prepare for the unforeseen and ensure your wishes are upheld in the event of your passing. This is particularly vital when expecting a child, allowing you to make provisions for their care and future. For everything else pregnancy related visit Emma’s Diary.

Making a Will and Designating Guardianship

A pivotal aspect of your will is appointing a guardian for your child. Making a Will when pregnant ensures your child is cared for by someone you trust, sharing your values and parenting ethos. Without a will, the court dictates guardianship, potentially conflicting with your desires.

A guardianship clause within a will holds immense significance, as it delineates the individuals entrusted with the care of your minor children in the event of your passing. This clause serves as a vital component of estate planning, providing peace of mind by ensuring that your children are cared for by someone you trust. By clearly outlining your preferences for legal guardianship in your Will, you can mitigate potential disputes and uncertainties, ensuring that your children’s well-being remains a top priority. Choosing the right guardian requires careful consideration of factors such as their relationship with your children, values, parenting style, and ability to provide emotional and financial support. Through a well-crafted legal guardianship clause, you can rest assured that your children will be in capable hands, fostering a sense of security for your family’s future.

Protecting Your Assets

Beyond legal guardianship, a will empowers you to stipulate the distribution of your assets and property posthumously. This guarantees your belongings pass to chosen beneficiaries—spouse, children, or loved ones. Absent a will, intestacy laws may lead to asset distribution misaligned with your wishes.

Providing Clarity and Peace of Mind

Making a Will when pregnant instils clarity and peace during what can be a trying time. Knowing you’ve safeguarded your family’s future alleviates anxiety, allowing focus on impending parenthood. Additionally, it offers clear guidance to loved ones, sparing them confusion and conflict.

Seeking Professional Guidance

Though creating a will independently is feasible, seeking a professional, especially during pregnancy, is advised. Seasoned estate planning solicitors and Will Writers ensure legal compliance and address your unique concerns. They offer insights into additional tools like trusts, benefiting your growing family.

Case for making a Will when pregnant

Whilst the below is fiction, it is something we see at Xwills enough to be a concern!

Sarah, a data analyst with a focus on efficiency, approached life with a practical mindset. Divorced with two teenagers, Ethan and Maya, she managed a comfortable household. Remarriage wasn’t initially a consideration, but when David, a charming entrepreneur, entered the picture, a spark ignited. After a brief engagement, they married. A prenuptial agreement, Sarah believed, was unnecessary – David seemed genuine.

However, three years later, David, citing “irreconcilable differences,” abruptly absconded with a younger colleague. He emptied their joint accounts, leaving Sarah scrambling financially. The legal battle for a portion of the marital assets was lengthy and emotionally draining. Sarah, determined to shield her children from further upheaval, downplayed the situation.

A nagging thought persisted – a will. She intended to create one, even thought about making a will when pregnant all those years ago, outlining the inheritance of her modest savings and small condo to be split equally between Ethan and Maya. However, the press of daily life – work, school events, and the lingering effects of the divorce – pushed the task aside.

Tragically, a sudden illness claimed Sarah a year later. Intestate, without a will, the government applied default inheritance laws. David, still legally Sarah’s husband, became the sole beneficiary. Consumed by grief, Ethan and Maya were blindsided when David, unreachable by phone, never acknowledged their claim.

Months passed. The solicitor Sarah had consulted confirmed David had vanished, leaving no forwarding address or assets. Ethan and Maya, now young adults, were left with nothing but the memories of their childhood home and the lingering resentment of a man who had walked away twice. The inheritance, a source of potential security, was lost.

Sarah’s story served as a stark reminder. Despite good intentions, a lack of legal planning left her children vulnerable. In the cold calculus of the law, a simple document – a will – could have secured their future. Theirs became a cautionary tale, a testament to the unforeseen turns life can take, and the importance of safeguarding loved ones, even in seemingly stable circumstances.


Welcoming a child into the world prompts reflection on our legacy and loved ones’ welfare. Making a Will when pregnant is paramount for securing your family’s future and fostering peace amidst change. By planning ahead and consulting professionals, you ensure your wishes prevail, shielding your family regardless of future uncertainties.