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  • Expertise: Our knowledgeable team tailors plans to your specific circumstances and goals.
  • Personalised Solutions: We take the time to understand your needs and craft the perfect plan for you.
  • Comprehensive Services: Wills, trusts, estate planning, and more – all under one roof.
  • Attention to Detail: We meticulously consider every aspect of your plan for peace of mind.
  • Client-Centred Approach: Clear communication and responsiveness keep you informed and supported.

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Wills & Trusts

Estate Planning

Asset Protection

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Whether you’re planning ahead or facing a major life event, Xwills.com provides the guidance and support you need.

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Professional Indemnity insurance up to £2m

No obligation and FREE consultation

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About Xwills

Xwills emerged to address a void in the Estate Planning industry. Recognizing the proliferation of solely online Will services, we firmly believe that such a crucial task should not be entrusted solely to clients themselves. Let’s face it, anything that can be completed in 15 minutes is likely better suited for a coffee break than the meticulous process of Will drafting!

At Xwills, we prioritize personal contact with each client. We invest the necessary time to understand their unique needs because we recognize the gravity of Will preparation.

As proud members of the Society of Will Writers, all our team members have attained the requisite qualifications for full membership. Furthermore, Xwills is backed by Professional Indemnity coverage of up to £2 million. Rest assured, Xwills will handle the preparation of your Will with the utmost care and professionalism it deserves.

Pricing Plans


£ 4/month Monthly
  • Add a Mirror WIll for just £2/Month
  • FREE lifetime updates/reviews of your Will
  • Checked by a qualified Will Writer
  • Storage in a floodproof/fireproof location
  • Executor Retrieval Wallet Cards
  • Simple Online Questionnaire with Explainer Videos and Live Chat Assistance
  • Unlimited Beneficiaries with fallbacks
  • Up to 4 Executors and 4 Trustees
  • Guardians named in Will
  • Unlimited Gifts of Money and Specific Gifts

How Does It Work?
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Bespoke Will

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£ 300 Monthly
  • Add a Mirror Will for just £150
  • Online and Offline Support
  • Unlimited Draft Amendments
  • Bound and Posted
  • Unlimited Beneficiaries with fallbacks
  • Up to 4 Executors and 4 Trustees
  • Guardians named in Will
  • Unlimited Gifts of Money and Specific Gifts

50% Off The Cost Of A Will When You Take Out Either Life Insurance, Income Protection Or Critical Illness With One Of Our FCA Registered Partners

Additional Optional Extras


Are you regulated?

Whilst Will Writing in the UK isn’t regulated by a government body however it is self regulated. We are proud to be members of the Society of Will Writers and adhere to their code of conduct. We also have £2,000,000 of Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Who can do the online Will?

Our Online Will is perfect for simple Wills. If you have a large or complex estate, have a blended family or want to set up will trusts or lifetime trusts then it would be best to speak to one of our Will Writers.

I already have a Will, can I just store it with you?

Absolutely. Just contact us to set up your direct debit and we will give you the address to send the Will.

What happens if I want to amend the Will?

No problem, unlimited free changes for life, either before drafting or after, the only time we will charge extra is for postage or if you want to include a chargeable Trust in your will

What happens if I get stuck?

There are explainer videos throughout and also a live chat service form 9-5, if all that fails to help then drop us an email and we will call you to assist.

What happens if I want to retrieve my will after storage?

We will charge a one off £10 to cover our costs.

Can I cancel my storage before the end of a year?

Yes, but you will be charged the remainder of the full year, upon payment of that and the cost of posting you the Will we will send it out

If I cancelled the storage, can I restart it?

Absolutely, no problem, simply contact us and we will restart the direct debit and arrange for you to post us the will again

My Direct Debit bounced, what happens next?

The Direct Debit provider will attempt to retake it, but don’t worry, in any event nothing will happen to your Will until we have spoken to you or made repeated attempts by phone, sms and email

Why do I need FREE lifetime updates?

You should review your will every 5 years and after any major change in your life, for example, getting separated or divorced, getting married (this cancels any will you made before), having a child, moving house, or if any of the executors, beneficiaries or trustees pass away, without these FREE updates you would have to pay every time for even the smallest changes

What is the Direct Debit Guarantee?

The Direct Debit Guarantee is a customer protection scheme offered by all banks and building societies in the UK that accept Direct Debit instructions. The Direct Debit Guarantee makes Direct Debit the safest payment method in the UK, with errors occurring in only around 0.2% of payments. It provides robust protection and peace of mind to customers making recurring payments via this method.

Is it an extra cost to send the Will bound and posted?

We charge £15 per Will for the online Will service, it is included Free of charge in the Bespoke Will service

Is an emailed Will equally as valid as a posted one?

Yes, as long as either version is signed correctly as per the signing instructions (which we check) then both forms are as valid as each other

Frequently Asked questions

There are serious implications if you don’t leave a Will, your property and possessions may not go to those you want them to, you may incur unnecessary taxes, people you didn’t want included in your Will may be able to make a claim against your estate. See our article on “Top Ten reasons to make a Will”

No, if you are married then yes the right of survivorship applies and your spouse or civil partner would receive your estate but if you are not married but cohabitating then it may not, and if you are remarried then children from a previous relationship may not receive anything. Either way you still may pay more tax than you should have.
Simply it a will that generally reflect each other’s intent so are fairly identical. Most commonly used by spouses or partners so that both have a Will, as they are almost identical it enables to write the second one at a discounted rate
In the unlikely event of our failure the Society of Will Writers has a public indemnity fund which we contribute to, in the case of our failure another member will be paid from the fund to complete the work. Our Professional Indemnity insurance also includes run off cover meaning that your expenses will be covered and you Will kept safe.
Absolutely. Let or advisor know your preferences, specify whether you want a burial or a cremation and any other wishes you may want to let your family know.

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